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Dissertating while connected: A reflection

As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, I finished writing my dissertation on New Year’s Eve.  I still have to defend it of course (and I’m sure there will be some rewriting involved), but I feel like I’ve finally come to the point where I know that I won’t quit before the […]

Developing Criteria for Connected Learning Courses (Part 3)

The next iteration of my criteria for Connected Learning course designs is here, and I think I’m much closer.  For a full history of this process, start here and then move to here.  I like this one.  Remember that all of this is being done in the context of Virginia Commonwealth University, a context explained here. […]

What I saw on Monday

Roaming the vicinity of Virginia Commonwealth University, I found a spot just across from Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church where I could get a few action shots: USA. New Zealand. France. Australia. It’s fascinating to me to watch the time trials, watch the bicycles and their riders in their caravans: motorcycle, bike, car following. […]

A professor in Massachusetts

I went to the woods to see the woods Thoreau went to, hoping to feel more of the why that he felt. Thoreau didn’t erect that sign, of course. Someone else did, later. Did they betray him or his work by doing so? Did Thoreau even write those words without irony? Was / is Walden a […]

Curriculum Cooking

I’m at the end of day two of VCU’s first annual University Seminar on General Education. There’s more to say than I can possibly articulate in this small space of time, but I do want to mark this phase of the experience with a metaphor. Metaphors are how I mark my experience. (I was going […]

The Power of Many to Many

I recently traveled to Dallas for the OLC Emerging Technologies Conference. Dr. Bonnie Stewart, @bonstewart talked about her research within twitter, a network of people who connect using unique usernames and #hashtags for topics. I’ve been using twitter sporadically for a couple of years, but her presentation about “many to many”, helped me to finally understand the […]

The 30,000 Foot Foundation

–It’s a bag of gold. –What would I do with a bag of gold? –What would you like to do with a bag of gold? –I don’t have time for your philosophical questions. The aim, therefore, of the philosophy of education must be to get at the meanings, the assumptions, the commitments which are implicit, […]

Leakiness of Connected Learning

I’ve finished a draft of part one of my chapter two on “What is Connected Learning? ” The second half will be devoted to “How do we Assess Connected Learning?” particularly in US higher education settings.I’m planning on putting it out there for you to see and comment (more…)

A Multidimensional Thread

1.  (Almost) Quantitative Discourse Analysis. Two days, five participants, four article links, three attached images, three hashtags, and at least 11 educational researchers and theoretical frameworks. That’s one way of assessing (describing, documenting) the Twitter conversation that @bali_maha, @catherinecronin, @suzankoseoglu, @sarspri, and I  had between (more…)