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This is How I Tweet and Chirp

I use Twitter as part of my work and for professional development. I created an account in 2007 but wasn’t actively participating in the web until ALT Lab came along. I have ways to go but there are several things I’ve learned from using Twitter actively since October 2014. I’ve summarized and illustrated them as […]

Poetry Practice Pieces 2.25.15

Five Not-So-Easy Pieces My head hurt in my effort to complete these assignments. Ils contestaient missions! And so, I’m still working on the Dickinson one. Enjoy! 1.Five Liner Stiff knotty hands misshapen by age Sculpts earthy tators with black steel blade Practicing the presence of God, he says Can I tempt you to rest your […]

Reinventing Dissertation Writing for Sharing

On June 10, 2013, I successfully defended my dissertation and officially graduated from a doctoral program in instructional design, development and evaluation. I had grand visions (delusions?) of staging it as a play. Even as I was writing it, I had considered writing it as a play. My advisor finally let me organize it as […]

Youth Wants to be Digitally Connected

I finally ran the ECAR student survey data using SPSS. A dear friend suggested I use Excel’s pivot tables and charts. I tried and felt more comfortable with SPSS (version 22 now! Wow!). I regret not doing it earlier. Even though I was discouraged against doing it by someone else, I’ve learned to listen to […]


Intricate Gate Doing the Selfie The above two photos were taken on July 30, 2014, on my first photo safari with my colleagues. The next 4 were taken on January 16, 2015 with my new colleagues, Emma and Max, with Tom leading. All photos were taken using my Samsung Galaxy phone. The Throne I find […]