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nuggeting sources

U of M hackers can track phones –          In order for cell phone service providers to provide the best service they need to loosely track all their cell phones regionally between surrounding cell phone towers this is because when a call is addressed to a number in order to quickly connect the lines they need […]

Nuggeting sources

PROPUBLICA –          “By the New York Times’ count [3], cellphone companies responded to 1.3 million demands for subscribers’ information last year from law enforcement” –          “when seeking location information, law enforcement agencies frequently ask for “tower dumps,” which list every phone in range of a cell tower at a particular time.” –          There is not […]

Connecting nuggets

LOCATION TRACKING ACLU –          Your cellphone location is recorded every few minutes despite usage, as long as it is turned on. These location records are stored by phone companies –          The laws on privacy are not yet up to date with the advances in technology therefore leaving a lot of loop holes for the government […]

FIP Geolocation

Step 1) Ideally, my topic would revolve around: the fitness industry (muscle and fitness), marketing, celebrities, fan (person). The fitness industry “offers many exercise and nutritional tips, while at the same time advertising a variety of nutritional supplements from companies such as Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition.” Marketing is a “means of communication between the company […]

Nuggeting sources

KLAY V NSA –          Describes the action of the NSA taking bulk telephony metadata and storing it. –          NSA claims the data taken is random and indiscriminate which makes it constitutional, and claims the need for this data to defend the nation –          Klayman and defendants claim that this is a breach of their 4th […]

Final Reflection

As my research and refinement of my final project have progressed, the last thing I need to think about doing is embedding media into my project, I will be doing so by adding memes and posts from tumblr and social media I feel emphasize the topic of my project, which is oversharing, as well as […]

First Reflection

At the first week of research for my project, I was faced with a lot of difficulty on finding sources to use, my sources were limited to non scholarly articles on basic online news and information websites that had no strong ties, it was all opinion based and not very good for my research, they […]

Finalizing My Dream

I’ve locked myself into the question of why do people feel so free to over share on social media, especially on tumblr. I don’t really connect to many of the dreamers when it comes to my inquiry, but I do connect to one specific one quite a lot, I believe that it has to do […]

Kay-Goldberg Nugget

The part of the passage that I most connected with was the Dynabook idea itself, only because like most of the other nuggets I found that interested me was that it was innovative for the time and their idea was brought to life at some point in time. In the case of the Dynabook though, […]

Nelson Post

The usual attacks on computer teaching tend to be sentimental and emotional pleas for the alleged humanism of the existing system. Those who are opposed to the use of computers to teach generally believe the computer to be “cold” and “inhuman.” The teacher is considered “warm” and “human.” I never thought of it this way […]

Engelbart Post

In 20 or 30 years, you’ll be able to hold in your hand as much computing knowledge as exists now in the whole city, or even the whole world. -Douglas Engelbart. This quote just reminds me of science today. I feel like everyone is so obsessed with how thing are and how they came to be. […]