Week One & Two

W August 26
ASSIGNMENTS: Read Vannevar Bush, “As We May Think.” (then we discuss the reading in class). Later on that day, Compose a blog post with a nugget (i.e. a pertinent passage from a reading that grabs you in some way) from “As We May Think” and make it as meaningful as possible.  It could be a passage that puzzles you, or intrigues you, or resonates strongly with you. It could be a passage you agree with, or one you disagree with. The idea here is that the passage evokes some kind of response in you, one that makes you want to work with the passage to make it just as meaningful as possible.

R August 27
ASSIGNMENT: The “associative trails” concept experience:

  1. Clear your browser history. Then, find something (a digital primary text) on the web to help flesh out why this nugget is significant, or to offer as an example or illustration of one of Bush’s concepts. It can be anything (an object image, GIF, video, etc.), so long as you are interested in it and your interest  is sparked from the nugget within the text.  Key question: How does the nugget connect to the text you select, and why is your interpretation of it important? Write no more more than two paragraphs.
  2. After completing the nugget post, take a screenshot of the history of your browser and save it (don’t worry if as you were looking for nugget illustrations you got distracted and spent time at websites unrelated to the course–everything is great). You’ll use this for the associate trails concept experience post for Friday.

F August 28
Leave a substantive, interesting comment on at least 10 of your classmates’ nugget posts.
Blog post on “associative trails” concept experience

M August 31
Comment on at least 5 of your classmates’ “associative trails” blog posts
Blog post: connect your colleagues! Write a post describing two surprising associative trails in your thoughtvector colleagues’ posts, and link them meaningfully. (Exercise your permalink muscles and generate pingbacks.)
SYNCHRONOUS EVENT: Live Google+ Hangout with all six professors (8 p.m. EDT)

T September 1
Read J. C. R. Licklider, “Man-Computer Symbiosis,” and choose a nugget you’ll work with.
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