Week Seven

W-R, October 7-8

  1. Compose a blog post with a nugget (i.e. a pertinent passage from a reading that grabs you in some way) from Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg, “Personal Dynamic Media” (pdf download)  and make it as meaningful as possible.
  2. To make it meaningful: Use your primary text for your Inquiry Project to flesh out why this nugget is significant.  Key question: How does the nugget connect to your digital text, and why is your interpretation of it important?  Write no more more than two paragraphs.

F 10/9

  • Revise your nugget post (indicate this by writing “EDIT” at the bottom of the original post and have the changes follow.  Keep your original post in tact) and link out to at least three classmates’ posts from section 908 from July 14.
  • Complete the following concept experience activity, adapted from my colleague Ryan Cales’s clubhouseLook back to your Texting my Dream post and think about the current state of the digital text you are working with (i.e. your topic) and how you’re looking at it given your particular focus (i.e. disciplinary perspective).   Speculate where your text could go in the next ten years: what it could look like, how it could function, what its qualities may be, etc.  Think of the limitations you believe it would still have, even in the future, and why you believe these limitations would exist. Compose a blog post explaining your prediction regarding these considerations and provide reasons why you believe you’re right.  Title this blog post “Futuring my Dream.”  Once you’re done, tweet out the shortlink to the world with #thoughtvectors.

M 10/12

Look back to your “Futuring my Dream” post.  Reflect on why you believe what you wrote, as well as what you wish to explore with your Inquiry Project proposals.  Then, edit your post to include how, if at all, the post connects to what you wish to research for your Inquiry Project.  (Keep the original post intact. Write “EDIT” at the bottom of where the post ends to indicate your addition.)  NOTE: This is, in part, to help you make your Inquiry Project research question and significant.  We’ll come back to this post to help you in order focus your efforts.

T 10/13

Given your Monday reflection, how would you describe the research question you wish to explore? What is it? Write out a blog post in which you give a little context and then tell us what you wish to research about your digital text. Call the post “Presenting my Dream”