Phase 2, Week 2

Monday, October 26

Nuggeting Sources: Find a source you think would be helpful to you in your inquiry project and write a nugget post for it. (It could be a passage that puzzles you, or intrigues you, or resonates strongly with you. It could be a passage you agree with, or one you disagree with. The idea here is that the passage evokes some kind of response in you, one that makes you want to work with the passage to make it just as meaningful as possible).  Make sure you explain precisely how you think the argument from the source you selected applies to your project as you currently see it.  Make sure to link out to the source. Tag this post with five keywords you think fit the source in terms of how you imagine it working in your paper (Note: These tags will eventually become standardized for all of the sources you will use for your inquiry project and will be the major topics you address in your work).


Tuesday, October 27
Comment on five of your peers’ Nuggeting Sources posts.  Try to look for similar projects so you can possibly make research friends.


Wednesday, October 28 & Thursday, October 29

Connecting Nuggets: Find another source and nugget it, explaining its relationship to how you’re currently thinking of your inquiry project.  Then, discuss the relationship between this new source and the source you found and nuggeted for Monday’s post.  Make sure to link out to the source.  Key questions: What are the major commonalities and/or distinctions between them, and how do they work together to help you better understand what you want to address in your inquiry project? Once you have this ready, select one of the dreamer readings from Phase I, and stage what the author(s) of that piece might have had to say about.  (Look back to your Mapping my Dreamers post to help with this.)  How do you see one of the dreamers fitting into the conversation you are entering with your inquiry project?  Design this post however you see fit: be creative and thoughtful.  Tag this post five keywords you think fit the source how you’re imagining it working in your paper. (To do this, think about how the sources work together to build the conversation.)  Also tag it synthesis.


Friday, October 30

Look to at least four of your peers’ connecting nuggets and reflect on the research of your inquiry project so far.  Key questions: What do you notice about how other projects are forming so far?  How do you see you project forming alongside your peers?  Link out to at least four of your peers’ posts (at least two outside of your class section)  and explain how you work so far compares/connects in any way.


Sunday, November 1

Write a blog post in which you reflect on this week’s research and how it is helping you pursue (and possibly begin to resolve or redirect) your inquiry question. How has your question or search terms changed? What have you found that surprised you? What continues to intrigue you about your topic? Where will you look next, and what do you hope to find?