Phase 2, Week 5

Monday, November 16

Find two #thoughtvectors people who disagree with each other (disagreement here is defined pretty broadly — nuggeting the same source differently, having a different vision for the future of the internet, commenting on the same source differently, or appraising claims or concepts wildly differently). Then write a nugget post, making sure to link out to the source. Also link back to two previous nugget posts for sources you yourself have found. The idea here is to gesture toward the research you have been doing so far, and provide a sense of coherence to your readers as they read about what you have been reading lately. Tag this post with five keywords that describe how you imagine your source will work in your Inquiry Project.

Tuesday, November 17

Visit other rampages blogs in the cMOOC and read their Monday nugget critically. Comment on at least three classmates’ nugget posts and appraise their efforts. Focus on posts that are related to (not necessarily agreeing with) your argument. Translate their nugget post into a “webby” format, restructuring their information into terms relevant to your argument.

Wednesday, November 9

Concept Experience! Make an Amalgam (this is punny because amalgams are alloys of mercury plus a bunch of other nuggety ores).

Wed: Find yourself some media . There’s no post associated with this task, but we’ll be looking in class at how to anticipate your reader’s approach to your project and to find webby goodness to invite and entice them to stay engaged with your argument.

 Thurs: Webby Bliss! Embed what you have found, uncritically, but curate with captions explaining what the thing is. Embed at least five things into one post, and make sure that there are at least three different kinds of webbythings. Tag the post webby as well as whatever tags you have begun to associate with your inquiry project.

Fri: Poke around the cMOOC site and your section clubhouse site, and then go back and edit your Webby Bliss! post. Say which webbythings are most appropriate for your project, making sure to link to at least two other students’ contributions with proper attribution. Say what you like and what you don’t like, and what seems most webby.

Sunday: Reflection post: Pick one or more of these options and reflect briefly. Where does your project stand? What would be most helpful to you in the next week or two in constructing and editing your FIP? How might your peers help you, and how might you reciprocate their help? WHat is the relationship between the form and the content of your project? How are you using both form and style to communicate a particular version of yourself to the open web?