A Phage Infographic

I think I have always secretly wanted to make an infographic. This make is a perfect make for me and I decided to use it for a class project this week. We have loads of data from sequencing the DNA of 11 different bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria).  My spring 2016 class has just finished documenting all of the genes of a phage named DirtyBetty. I used easel.ly and modified a template DirtyBetty

with a phage graphic and placeholders for several areas the students have explored. I thought I would ask them to digest their work and create the graphics and text in class this week to describe with is actually inside the the DirtyBetty genome. I’ll post the finished product when we are done. I think it will be fun to print it as a poster and share at the VCU Poster Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creativity

One thought on “A Phage Infographic

  1. (I laughed at the “secretly wanted…”, as if it was a guilty desire or something!)

    Your connection of this to a Poster session is a great idea. So many posters are essentially text abstracts blown up. In reality, visualizations of this type are likely much more effective both in attracting attention and summarizing key information. It’s great that you dove in and experimented.

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