Inquiry Project Proposal

Security versus privacy is a very important issue and is taken seriously by many governmental officials and Americans alike. This issue effects many Americans today and has also been discussed over and over again ever since the September 9, 2001 and remains to be so, even now.

Recently in the news the NSA (National Security Agency) has brought up this issue even more, with the help of the leaked powerpoint that explained everything, Edward Snowden had soon to the news. He worked for the NSA at an outpost in Japan and now is trying to avoid incarceration by the USA government.  According to the reports, the NSA used a top secret program, code named PRISM to spy on domestic USA citizens and in the process, many believe that it has broken some laws and amendments along the way. It is mainly believed that the NSA authorized this spying campaign on domestic USA citizens without the consent of the secret federal court, which presides over all surveillance and security agencies in the USA.

Now our goal here as responsible and concerned USA citizens is to see; how does the NSA incorporate their domestic surveillance by using their PRISM surveillance program on google searches. We are citizens of the United States of America and we deserve our rights and answers to from this dilemma. America after all is ultimately a Union made by the people, and for the people.











Nugget Assignment #3: “Augmenting Human Intellect”

This article was large and many, lessons, angles of perspective, and main topics can be taken from it. But after reading Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework by Douglas C. Engelbart and watching some of the videos that came with the reading I have came to the ultimate conclusion that the statement below best conveys my interpretation of the main focus of the article.

“Accepting the term “intelligence amplification” does not imply any attempt to increase native human intelligence. The term “intelligence amplification” seems applicable to our goal of augmenting the human intellect in that the entity to be produced will exhibit more of what can be called intelligence than an unaided human could; we will have amplified the intelligence of the human by organizing his intellectual capabilities into higher levels of synergistic structuring. What possesses the amplified intelligence is the resulting H-LAM/T system, in which the LAM/T augmentation means represent the amplifier of the human’s intelligence.” -Douglas C. Engelbart

What they are trying to do is to ultimately create a method of improving human intellect by applying and further refining human intelligence. Some of the issues addressed I can’t seem to understand, like when the article clearly states that “the human mind neither learns nor acts by large leaps, but by steps organized or structured so that each one depends upon previous steps.”, I thought learning occurs when steps are organized and structured and kept in the memory banks of the brain, its what school has taught me and its one of the many methods I employ in order to study for examinations. I also think that almost everyone too thinks the same way and does the same when studying. But by using many attributes like hierarchies, and visualizations an artifact could indeed come to life with high intelligences and prove to be quite valuable in our society. In one of the videos and also the reading, they mentioned a repertoire hierarchy that when achieved will make the computing a revolutionary experience. In essence the computer is being augmented, and increased intelligence is the result which then transfers into the user (human) and the result is the augmenting of human intellect. The two domain system of the H-LAM/T, illustrates the typical interactions that we have everyday with our computers. After reading this article I do belief in fact that computing in general has augmented human intellect (increased human intellect) in such a short amount of time. And many results that can be now observed now attest to that. People around the world have become more interconnected with one another and have become more highly functional in their societies respectively because of this augmentation movement proposed and illustrated by this article.  Now the methodology and interlocking between humans and their computers has never before been so advanced and has never before been such an integral part of our lives, to the point of where some of us literally make a living out of using it.

Douglas Engelbart Quote

Nugget #3 picture

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Progress report / research reflection post *updated*

Lately I have been thinking about my inquiry project topic. First I was stuck between writing about either the world cup or celestial heavenly bodies. Then I used the Concept Experience #2 to research something specific that somewhat relates to celestial heavenly bodies, black holes. I used the assignment to know everything about black holes and other related terms that are generic to black holes themselves. And then I specifically concentrated on a supermassive  black hole that is located right in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy (our galaxy), it has come to be called Sagittarius A. Sagittarius A is located near constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius, and as only been recently discovered in February 13, 1974 by Robert Brown and Bruce Balick. As the days come by I will be thinking about two major questions. First is how in the world, well I guess now galaxy, have we been coexisting for so long with such a thing literally in our backyard. Then secondly how long do we have until this somewhat peacefully coexistence slips away and puts our galaxy at risks, and if so what measures can be hypothesized up in order to prepare for such a time when it does occur, or can we even be truly prepared for such a thing to happen to us.

Reflective Writing For Concept Experience #2

I found this concept experience not only greatly helpful in consolidating some important topics and including the topic itself about my inquiry project but also helped me understand my own type of symbiosis with my computer while doing this assignment. Licklinder said that one of the basic ideas “of man-computer symbiosis are the requirements that information be retrievable both by name and by pattern and that it be accessible through procedure…”, and this quote couldn’t be more right. This explains the relationship that I had with my computer during this assignment and that without this vital partnership this assignment would take days or even months to complete. After doing this assignment and analyzing Licklinder’s work I have come to appreciate computers and technology in general and wouldn’t take it for granted anymore. This feeling of partnership and reliance with my computer I believe, is my concept experience from this assignment and is a valuable lesson to be learned and treasured throughout my life.

Concept Experience #2: Choose your own internet adventure (Word Doc)

1. Black Holes:

2. Supermassive black hole:

3. Event horizon:

4. Ergosphere:

5. Penrose process:

6. Black hole thermodynamics:

7. Holographic principle:

8. String theory:

9. Theory of everything:

10. Big Bang:

Licklinder also said that the “Trie memory is so called by its originator, Fredkin [10], because it is designed to facilitate retrieval of information and because the branching storage structure, when developed, resembles a tree.” and this can also be applied to my assignment as I can see my searching like a tree branching off into multiple directions. The computer would help in narrowing and focusing my search and sometimes vice versa would occur as I back tracked a bit and reflected on what it is that I’m really trying to find out about my topic (black holes). This assignment can be related to Licklinder’s “formulated” versus “formulative” thinking aspects, can be also seen and illustrated here in this assignment as well. When I was using my computer I used my formulative thinking skills in order to make the computer conduct formulated and calculated links on the Wikipedia page that related very well to what I was trying to find out about my topic. I performed the creative thinking (formulative) that was required of the computer in order for it to continue its (formulated) calculated attempts at pleasing me (the operator) with the task that I was given. After this assignment truly I do believe that humans and computers may indeed have some symbiosis after all unlike my pervious thinking abdulabdo.

Man and computer as one

Tree of knowledgeMan and computer partnership











Reflective Writing: Creating an Interest Inventory

The two topics that most interest me from my interest inventory are Celestial heavenly bodies and the Fifa World Cup (2014). Both are very near and dear to my heart. Ever since I was a child I have always wanted to be an astronaut and see Earth’s eternal beauty from a space station as I drift through empty space. Other planets have also caught my attention too, with their unique atmospheres that cause instant visual pleasure. Nebulas and super nova’s express themselves by providing a wide array of colors and energy signatures, and to me each color and energy signature represents a particular type of feeling or expression. Black holes and worm holes offer me both excitement and fear as well. And the Fifa World Cup program has always been part of my family’s past time entertainment and culture. Its truly amazing for all these countries to come together and compete for something bigger than their selves. When I was a kid I played on soccer leagues with a passion, I never gave up even if all hope was lost. I often encouraged the other guys on my team to pull through and told them to never give up and give it their all. Soccer embodies lots of my morals and ethics that I use everyday. Every time I play the sport it reminds of those moral and ethics by which I live my life by everyday. I want to find out how far space travel has went as thus of now and to which celestial body, and how far are we from light speed travel in outer space. I would also like to learn if it is possible to use worm holes to jump between galaxies and universes to travel faster. Also I want to know if a black hole is near our galaxy and if so should we be considered with it. For Fifa this year I want to know which country has the highest probability of going to win this year, right now I am rooting for the Netherlands. They indeed played stupendously against Spain yesterday, which won the world cup last time and the Netherlands came in close second place. The excitement and hope that I have for the Netherlands to win this year’s Fifa World Cup tournament is enormous. I also what to know how much money is used and what kinds of preparations where needed for this year’s Fifa World Cup tournament to start.

UNIV 200 Reflective prompt #1 Celestial bodies

UNIV 200 Reflective prompt #1 Netherland Fifa 2014 team






Challenge Accepted :D

New Media cannot completely communicate with animals and know what they think at least for now. It also can’t know for sure what other intelligent life forms in outer space looks like and can’t seem to be powerful even to reach anything thing yet in terms of communication with outer space life forms.

UNIV 200 challenge #1





Interest Inventory Project for 20 new media/digital media

My ten topics of interest are:

Celestial heavenly bodies:  what is NASA’s furthest planet/galaxy  that it has reached and how did they celebrate it?

Fifa World Cup (2014): the fan’s post about if the USA wins the world cup this year that the entire world must have to start calling football, soccer.

Democracy in the middle east: social media via twitter and other means, to start the Arab spring and thus drive the countries to more democratically elected officials.

Medicare and Medicaid: how to sign up using new media. Is it user friendly?

Cars fueled by clean energy: how it is illustrated in media and how do they buy the consumer?

Electrical public transportation: digital layouts of routes that electrical public transportations take.

Student Loans: online method of refinancing student loans to lower interest rates.

Brazilian protesters during fifa world cup: online social media method of organizing protesters to come together and protest the 2014 world cup.

Space colonization: the Mars One Mission and how they recruit their volunteers through social media.

Massive hype about Halo 5 in the gaming world: how did social media help make Halo 5 a massive hype and why?

Other student’s top 10 topics of interest to me are:

Hairstyles: what are today’s most popularly accepted fashion hairstyle trends that social media has set forward upon us.

Poor self image: social media and other types of media like advertisement  in the USA that leads to this.

Sandy Hook Shooting: news that captured the event and the public’s response to it on social media.

Pregnancy: governments push to limit unplanned teen pregnancy programs.

Work: hiring advertisements online about all sorts of occupations.

School: blog making and other online media assignments assigned to students.

Oceans: neighboring hotel advertisements that claim’s the best view of the ocean for the best prices.

Loneliness: websites and social media that offer membership for dating, or for finding friends.

Sleep: advertisement of Tempurpedic, promising to offer you the best sleep you had in years.

Gaming: the social media hype and advertisement about next generation gaming consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as the games that come with them.

20 interests blog post for UNIV 200




Nugget Assignment #2 “Man-Computer Symbiosis” (Revised)

“As has been said in various ways, men are noisy, narrow-band devices, but their nervous systems have very many parallel and simultaneously active channels. Relative to men, computing machines are very fast and very accurate, but they are constrained to perform only one or a few elementary operations at a time. Men are flexible, capable of “programming themselves contingently” on the basis of newly received information. Computing machines are single-minded, constrained by their ” pre-programming.” Men naturally speak redundant languages organized around unitary objects and coherent actions and employing 20 to 60 elementary symbols. Computers “naturally” speak nonredundant languages, usually with only two elementary symbols and no inherent appreciation either of unitary objects or of coherent actions.” – J.C.R Licklinder

Nugget #2 post man vs. machine article pic #2

I chose this nugget for this assignment because to me it seemed to sum up the core elements that this article was trying to portray. In the article it stated that it’s dangerous to say that all machinery are considered to be called “computers”, but for our purposes we will call the rivaling class of technology that dares to challenge or become symbiotic with humanity’s thinking, computers. As stated in the nugget chosen above, humans think much slower than computers, but humans make up for that slower thinking by providing highly profound quality of thinking. Brookerobinson illustrates this vital point more by using the languages and barriers that come with them between humans and computers. Computers provide the quantity (thinking) at speeds humans can never hope reach and humans provide the quality (thinking) that actually propels not only us but computers forward too. And as braxtondn vividly explained the many difference that were attributed between man and computer over time. But there is no question to which is more vital to society, the humans obviously win this one by a long shot and if you don’t believe me take this into consideration. Have you ever seen a computer invent anything the first of its kind, not likely right. Computer thinking is constrained to preprogramming as said in the quote above, which by the way is made by humans. While human thinking is limitless and seems to always break records every century or so, which granted is a very long time but amazing things do occur. In a way computers can’t rule the world like they do in movies these days, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they do. And although this may true Max indeed does show us of what might be an alternative reality, in which computers in fact may have the capacity to cooperate with one another and may have the potential to essentially rule the world. In situations like these its always good to have an open mind and consider all the possibilities, so that the future can be taken in the best possible way. The quality versus quantity scenario itself serves as the symbiosis between humans and computers, that’s why when you do research you let the computer do all the work and then you step in with that big brain of yours and filter out the junk that it gathered and form your own amazing thoughts that in a way have never been conjured up before. And mcandersonaj explains of just how far computers have come over the years to lead up to such events occurring at a regular basis now. This concept can be related to genetic makeup that each of us are made of,  no two humans are identically the same but computers are. I believe that this article is geared towards finding more of a way to increase the strength of our symbiosis with computers but all the while realizing that it could never become true symbiosis. True Symbiosis is where the “organisms” become completely and perfectly in sync with one another like the example in the article of the bugs and the tree that are found living in the wild.  But mjminutoli  gives us a different prediction of what would really become of  humans if they really did have a true symbiosis, an interesting perspective with relation to mine.

Nugget #2 post man vs. machine article















BIOL 151 Unit 2 Reflection

I have studied the photosynthetic and cellular respiration systems before in science classes, but not to this extent of detail. I already knew that energy is always important and that attaining it comes with some trouble, but this unit has helped me understand and wonder about how energy is transferred from inorganic sources to organisms and from organism to organism. Most of the energy around us radiates from the sun and is passed around from organism to organism, so in essence every living thing on earth is a manifestation of the sun. It truly is wondrous to think of biology as a continuous motion of life that seemingly formed  spontaneously from inorganic compounds.

Brainstorming for Inquiry Project

Below are just some thoughts that come to mind when these certain topics are brought up for discussion/debate.

Habits: Either sleeping to little to late or over sleeping beyond human needed requirements, watching to much Television, playing too much video games, over working at the gym to the point of crazy soreness shortly after exercise, laziness, procrastinating, over thinking test problems and getting them wrong, worrying to much and stressing out about stuff that’s not really all that important when you thing about it, driving around community and town, gazing at the moon and other visible celestial heavenly bodies/anomalies, fishing, playing cards for fun, surveying restaurants for authentic foods and food art, ice skating in the winter, watch the movie version of a book instead of reading it, cracking knuckles/knees and back, involved in soccer and wrestling as my past time sports.Moons-of-the-Solar-System

Trends: Egyptian revolution and current presidency, Fifa World Cup, Syrian and Palestinian conditions continue to be terrible, Iraq falling again into the hands of terrorist, What is the American policy on Iraq now?, the stunning surprise in the defeat of Eric Cantor against Tea Party Candidate David Brat in the Virginia Republican Primary, Brazilian world cup protest over 10 billion dollars that went into preparing for the world cup itself,  socioeconomic gaps still widen and reform seems unlikely to ever occur, Obama trying to help college students out by giving them the ability to refinance their interest rates to be lower for loans, Germany and Japan continue to be economic powerhouses, next generation gaming consoles run on 60 frames per second!, massive hype about Halo 5 in the gaming world, stem cell research laws under heavy debate, Brazilians happy about their first win in the world cup, US wouldn’t send troops into Iraq but will help in other ways.

Brazilian Trend Blog #4

Gender: Gender Equality, Hillary Clinton recent drives to gender and sexual identity rights, countless in classroom debates, LGBT community, Male rights, Female rights, income inequality based on sex in the United States, other places in the world that are actually more gender equal then the US, gender debate about nature versus nurture, gender driving at early ages, public respond to gender anomalies, marriage laws, divorce laws, self gendering in today’s youth, gender bullying.

Gender Blog#4 post

Controversies: Democracy in the middle east, Brazilian protest during Fifa world cup, Student loans, Student loan debt total in USA, internet and computer privacy issues/laws, NSA struggle to uphold internet privacy while protecting the USA, continued government gridlock, American policy over Iraq now, United Nation’s involvement in Syria and Iraq, stem cell legalization, marijuana legalization over other states, marriage laws, Medicare and Medicaid, Obama Care, healthy energy utilization in America.

Controvories Blog#4 post

Places or Spaces: Virginia, VCU, Michigan, Florida, Moscow Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Alaska, Maryland beach, Virginia beach, Canada, Zurich Switzerland, Bern Switzerland, Munich Germany, Berlin Germany.

Place or spaces Blog#4 post

Fears: Bad grades in school, disappointment, favorite shows ending, not making grad school, something terrible happening to my local gym, god, future income, future stability, finding a job after school, future medical care expenses that might come up, student loans, not beginning able to play next generation gaming consoles, the Netherlands losing the world cup this year, nightmares, math, boredom, the humans destroying themselves and the plant.

Fear Blog#4 post

Astronomy: Celestial heavenly bodies, historical theories about space and celestial bodies, black holes, supernova, nebula, Milky Way Galaxy, aurora, The Northern Lights, Earth, Moon, space travel, space colonization, Mars One Mission: first humans on mars, gravitational pull, worm holes

Astronomy Blog#4 post

Possible helpful energy uses/extractions: solar energy, wind energy, hydro-electric dam energy, cars fueled by vegetables, fuel from constantly burning oceanic under water volcanoes, biofuels from animals like camel feces, Sun’s hydrogen fusion energy (not light) that is begin given off as solar winds, earth’s elliptical orbit around the sun, oils, fats, rechargeable batteries, nuclear energy at controlled rates, artificial breaking chemical bonds in high energy sugars from plants releasing energy, electrical public transportation, making only tesla cars available to the public consumer and other vehicles that only run on electricity.

Possible energy use Blog #4 post