Reflective Writing For Concept Experience #2

I found this concept experience not only greatly helpful in consolidating some important topics and including the topic itself about my inquiry project but also helped me understand my own type of symbiosis with my computer while doing this assignment. Licklinder said that one of the basic ideas “of man-computer symbiosis are the requirements that information be retrievable both by name and by pattern and that it be accessible through procedure…”, and this quote couldn’t be more right. This explains the relationship that I had with my computer during this assignment and that without this vital partnership this assignment would take days or even months to complete. After doing this assignment and analyzing Licklinder’s work I have come to appreciate computers and technology in general and wouldn’t take it for granted anymore. This feeling of partnership and reliance with my computer I believe, is my concept experience from this assignment and is a valuable lesson to be learned and treasured throughout my life.

Concept Experience #2: Choose your own internet adventure (Word Doc)

1. Black Holes:

2. Supermassive black hole:

3. Event horizon:

4. Ergosphere:

5. Penrose process:

6. Black hole thermodynamics:

7. Holographic principle:

8. String theory:

9. Theory of everything:

10. Big Bang:

Licklinder also said that the “Trie memory is so called by its originator, Fredkin [10], because it is designed to facilitate retrieval of information and because the branching storage structure, when developed, resembles a tree.” and this can also be applied to my assignment as I can see my searching like a tree branching off into multiple directions. The computer would help in narrowing and focusing my search and sometimes vice versa would occur as I back tracked a bit and reflected on what it is that I’m really trying to find out about my topic (black holes). This assignment can be related to Licklinder’s “formulated” versus “formulative” thinking aspects, can be also seen and illustrated here in this assignment as well. When I was using my computer I used my formulative thinking skills in order to make the computer conduct formulated and calculated links on the Wikipedia page that related very well to what I was trying to find out about my topic. I performed the creative thinking (formulative) that was required of the computer in order for it to continue its (formulated) calculated attempts at pleasing me (the operator) with the task that I was given. After this assignment truly I do believe that humans and computers may indeed have some symbiosis after all unlike my pervious thinking abdulabdo.

Man and computer as one

Tree of knowledgeMan and computer partnership











3 thoughts on “Reflective Writing For Concept Experience #2”

  1. I like how you were able to find a quote that summed up the feeling you had with your computer during this assignment. I too related the process to branches and I even had a tree as one of my illustrations as well. I would also like to commend you on your description of your use of formulative and formulating thinking.

  2. Looks like a great journey, and from what you say, you learned a lot. However: “Perhaps by using Licklider’s notion of Trie Memory, use the record you created and choose a creative way to illustrate the concept experience–and include that illustration in the post. All of your choices (including dead ends) should be included in your illustration.” I’m not seeing that Illustration…

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