Nugget Assignment #3: “Augmenting Human Intellect”

This article was large and many, lessons, angles of perspective, and main topics can be taken from it. But after reading Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework by Douglas C. Engelbart and watching some of the videos that came with the reading I have came to the ultimate conclusion that the statement below best conveys my interpretation of the main focus of the article.

“Accepting the term “intelligence amplification” does not imply any attempt to increase native human intelligence. The term “intelligence amplification” seems applicable to our goal of augmenting the human intellect in that the entity to be produced will exhibit more of what can be called intelligence than an unaided human could; we will have amplified the intelligence of the human by organizing his intellectual capabilities into higher levels of synergistic structuring. What possesses the amplified intelligence is the resulting H-LAM/T system, in which the LAM/T augmentation means represent the amplifier of the human’s intelligence.” -Douglas C. Engelbart

What they are trying to do is to ultimately create a method of improving human intellect by applying and further refining human intelligence. Some of the issues addressed I can’t seem to understand, like when the article clearly states that “the human mind neither learns nor acts by large leaps, but by steps organized or structured so that each one depends upon previous steps.”, I thought learning occurs when steps are organized and structured and kept in the memory banks of the brain, its what school has taught me and its one of the many methods I employ in order to study for examinations. I also think that almost everyone too thinks the same way and does the same when studying. But by using many attributes like hierarchies, and visualizations an artifact could indeed come to life with high intelligences and prove to be quite valuable in our society. In one of the videos and also the reading, they mentioned a repertoire hierarchy that when achieved will make the computing a revolutionary experience. In essence the computer is being augmented, and increased intelligence is the result which then transfers into the user (human) and the result is the augmenting of human intellect. The two domain system of the H-LAM/T, illustrates the typical interactions that we have everyday with our computers. After reading this article I do belief in fact that computing in general has augmented human intellect (increased human intellect) in such a short amount of time. And many results that can be now observed now attest to that. People around the world have become more interconnected with one another and have become more highly functional in their societies respectively because of this augmentation movement proposed and illustrated by this article.  Now the methodology and interlocking between humans and their computers has never before been so advanced and has never before been such an integral part of our lives, to the point of where some of us literally make a living out of using it.

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