Nugget #4 Computer Lib/Dream Machine

“He wrote this believing his most essential message was not about computers, but about media and design. He believed the importance of computers lay not in their capacity for calculation, but in the fact that they would enable new generations of media…First, he argued that computer experiences were media to be designed, and that this design should be both a creative process and undertaken with the audience (users) in mind…Second, Nelson proposed that these new, designed media experiences be placed in a radical, open publishing network…he envisions the resulting explosion of knowledge radically altering the daily experiences of everyone from students to scientists.”

These bits and piece quoted from Ted Nelsons ideal in the Computer Lib/ Dream Machines are the big picture topic(s) of this article and provides vital points made in this article and the core reason(s) of why this article was published. Nelson’s ideals paved the way to actually what is occurring today in the realm of new media. He was truly decades ahead of his time, and everyone who had once made fun of him now realizes their foolishness in not taking him seriously. He provides warnings of misconceptions that everyday people make and a profound one is that “computers are not everything, they are just an aspect of everything”, and not knowing the difference can become very dangerous and today we see many times over and over again the repercussions of this misconception. In one of the worst cases scenarios we see families less connected and involved with one another as seen in this article. The inner workings of devices and possibilities that they offer that are seen everyday are also portrayed. One such important function is discussed in page 322 about the simple yet complex function of recording. The article also made a wonderful connection of yet again, the magnitude of how people really don’t know all that much about computers (interactive computer systems), on page 329. After reading about the Fantics System, I for one don’t claim to know everything about computers and in fact I think I know very little about these relatively new and constantly evolving creatures. And fact I didn’t know computers were capable of “(corresponding to usual yellow-pad notes)” until I had the recent opportunity to use Diigo for this course. This article relates to our course almost too perfectly. It describes the history of new media and how far it has come since it’s creation. It describes what new media is, and it’s physically entities  created by man and the many function that it possesses, and it also highlights some perfectives and many misunderstandings about the subject. Overall I find this article to be quite informative and highly relevant to our course, in sort it was a good read.

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