MHIS243 Thoughts on Listening

Thoughts on Listening: Post #1

Although there are many musical sounds within this piece, there were three that stood out to me the most; the first of which can be found at 0:03. At this time a gong was struck. It was, in my opinion, where the piece started. The gong created a stark contrast to the first couple of seconds were rather silent. I thought that this was a cool dramatic effect, especially because it was paired with the uninterrupted ringing of the gong until it stopped vibrating. After the gong was struck the first time, it was struck at consistent intervals almost like a grandfather clock.

The second sound I chose is located at 19:13. Throughout this piece, an odd creaking sound has been constantly audible, however at this specific occurrence, the sound was louder, therefore clearer than all the previous creaking sounds. In this instance, the creaking sounded more like a door opening, which reminded me of Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller” and most songs that have a dark undertone.

Lastly, at 19:25 there was a static sound that started to occur. It lasted for relatively a minute and a half. As a kid, I was always obsessed with the space race in the 1960s, and I associated this static noise with the sound waves in which astronauts communicated with Mission Control. I always thought that this frequency was the universe singing to its inhabitants.

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