MHIS243 soundinpainting

Sound Events in Painting

As I observed the assigned painting, “The Eavesdropper,” there were several sound events that I noticed. Most of the sound events are those of individuals interacting with each other. At the top of the staircase, there is an entryway to a room in which there seem to be three or four occupants. It is fair to assume that they are talking or participating in an activity that invites noise. I doubt that the interactions between these individuals make much noise considering that the woman at the bottom of the stairs is facing the audience when gesturing to be quiet. There are two individuals in the hallway on the first floor. They seem to be having a dispute due to the fact that the male is looking at the woman and touching/pressing her chest while she does not bother to look at him. This couple would more than likely be contributing the most intense sound event to the piece; arguments tend to be loud even if one party is speaking. Lastly, there is a woman at the bottom of the staircase who seems to be shushing the observer of the painting. She seems to be listening to the dispute that the couple on the first floor is having, hence the title “The Eavesdropper.” Additionally, the dress the woman is wearing is heavily draped, therefore making noise as her dress brushes the staircase. Overall, she contributes significant noise to the sound events in this piece. From beginning to end, the sound events in this piece suggests that the noises grow with intensity, and since there is so much going on, the texture would be polyphonic.

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