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The Quick Guide

Using this quick guide should result in highly accessible (though not necessarily perfect) sites. If you are unsure of what a section is referring to, please refer to the accessibility blog post under which it is nested for more information. You can also email us directly at

The checklist below is meant to be an interactive checklist that you can use here on this page. (Interactivity is hopefully coming soon!) In the meantime, or if you would prefer a Word Document checklist, click here.


Webpage Accessibility Checklist

Using this checklist should result in highly accessible (though not necessarily perfect) sites. If you are unsure of what a check box is referring to, please refer to the associated links for more information.

Theme Selection

Using an “accessibility ready” theme is solid foundation for a more accessible site. These themes have gone through extra steps that validate their accessibility.

Headers Usage

Think about headers as structural elements for your content, much like an outline for a paper, rather than a way to achieve decorative or style effects (That’s what CSS is for.).

Headers should be nested correctly. In the case of this document, the ‘Webpage Accessibility Checklist’ text above is set to be an H2 element. The elements below (‘Color and Contrast’ etc.) are set as h3 elements. You can get a much deeper explanation of headings and accessibility here.

Color and Contrast

It’s important to have strong contrast between text and its background.

Color should not used as only indicator of meaning.


Make sure the font is easy to read.

Sites that use small text should have the option to enlarge it.


Clear, well thought out layouts will help all of your visitors.


Descriptive links explain in words what you’re linking to.

Have other indicators beyond color to indicate text is a link.

Specific link text should only be used once per page (unless linking to the same thing).

Images and Video

All informational images should have (appropriate) alt text.

All videos should be captioned.


Avoid using Flash

Avoid auto scrolling content

Avoid tables

Avoid flashing/blinking colors, images, etc.

Avoid images that contain text (if they do, make sure alt text includes coverage of this information)

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