The Large Class Dilemma

As the number of students enrolled in a course increases, the ability to give each student a participatory role in the learning process becomes more difficult to accomplish. Faculty are challenged to balance the needs of the learners with the workload associated with individual instruction. 

How can an instructor efficiently and effectively involve dozens of students in the construction of knowledge? 

Is Active Learning the Solution?

Active learning is a broad term that is often thrown about as a solution to numerous instructional challenges. A teacher applying active learning strategies becomes a facilitator of learning as opposed to a deliverer of content. Students, move from digesting information to playing a critical role in the development of their own understanding. 

While it sounds ideal, can active learning strategies be applied effectively in high enrollment environments?  

Impact of Technology

While technology is not necessary for many active learning techniques, it can provide a framework for scaled active learning applications that impact students in large classes. In particular, technology enhanced active learning (TEAL) can address the issues of audience participation, student equity, and groupthink that can limit the effectiveness of engaging instructional practices. 

What Now? 

The intent of this site is to provide faculty with a framework for effectively integrating digital tools into their instruction for purpose of facilitating active learning. This is a journey towards personalizing the learning process for students, regardless of the class size, through the use of appropriate technologies and strategies. 

Explore on Your Own 

Use the menu links at the top of the page to navigate the site as you discover ways to select and integrate technology into your class in an effort to inspire students to take an active role in the learning experience. 

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