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Google Docs, a part of the Google Drive suite of productivity tools, is a VCU supported application where users can create text-based documents similar to those created by other word processing applications such as Microsoft Word but in a real-time collaborative environment. Content can be added to a document by multiple authors synchronously without the need to be using the same file or device.

Factors to Consider

Collaboration – Increasing the number of authors with editing rights increases the chances of something important being inadvertently deleted or overwritten. If the number of desired authors is greater than five consider creating multiple documents rather than having all authors editing the same author.
Technology – While Google Docs can be viewed on most devices with an Internet connection it is best to use a laptop for editing documents.
Classroom Environment – If content is being added to a document in class consider spaces that contain enough student workspace to support a laptop.
Data Privacy – Access to Google Docs can be restricted to individual users or to those within Virginia Commonwealth University. Carefully consider who should have view and edit rights to a document before sharing.
WiFi – Google Docs can work in offline mode when WiFi is not available. However, this is not recommended for a classroom application because changes to the document will not appear until an Internet connection is reestablished. Once it is connected all of the changes will come in at once which can lead to confusion.

General Information

VCU Supported  – Yes
Format – web-based
Devices – PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone
Instructor Account Needed – Yes (VCU eID)
Student Account Needed – No
Cost – Free
Instructional Applications – collaborative writing, group work, think-pair-share, crowdsourcing



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