A teacher and researcher by day, I’m an introverted Columbophile by night.  For the most part I enjoy quiet, reflective activities like classical musicreading and lounging on the beach.  Each fall, however, I love joining the masses to holler, jump and cheer on the Hokies at Lane Stadium

Last year my mentor (and boss extraordinaire Danielle Dick) encouraged me to use blogging in the classroom.  After a few hiccups, I found it to be a wonderful way to encourage discussion outside the classroom,  to contextualize course material and to give voice to introverted and extraverted students alike…connected learning. In other words, that which Gardner Campbell asserts, and researchers continue to demonstrate, is quite true.

This blog was created as a vehicle to post science-related news and research on my students’ Mother Blog.  The more I learn (read: the braver I become), the more I think this blog could, and perhaps should, also be a way to connect (there’s that word again) with my students and peers. My attempts to “open up” could model the risk-taking behavior I so want from my students. My blog could also be a way to connect (noticing a pattern yet?) the many aspects of my academic career and personal and professional interests.  Even the perfectionist in me thinks those are pretty lofty goals. In the meantime, I am baby stepping my way along and enjoying all that connecting.


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