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ADLT 640 Week 6: Learning Activities

Project Description: Learning module for VCU faculty that will assist them with developing learning objectives for the courses they teach. This module will be self-paced and self-directed. Faculty will be provided with reading materials/information on SMART goal-setting, SMART learning objectives, and Bloom’s taxonomy. They will then use this information to develop learning objectives by selecting […]

Learning Activities

In the MINDSET Inventory Skills module, the learning activities used by students will mostly be reflection activities. Students will start the course with the online MINDSET Inventory Skills Assessment pre-test by reflecting on their prior approaches to student academic success. … Continue reading →

Learning Activities

My module will use many of the activities in the reading.  Of course, because it is a project base learning module there will be an individual project and a fair share of problem solving and creative thinking.  This project is… Continue Reading →

Learning Activities

In the diabetes learning module, learning activities described in this week’s readings that I will incorporate are case studies, study aids (that would be used as a pocket guide when the MMAC in the practices caring for patients) and concept mapping. The case studies would be specific to the care and management of patients with […]


I am glad this reading was provided. It allowed to develop more of an idea of what activities have been tried and implemented successfully in an online platform. There were a few that I was thinking could be effective in my lesson. One that I really liked was the Wiki. I am wondering if there […]

Activities- Quality Module Beth Wright

Activities planned for the Quality module includes group activity with an assigned group project. There are several reasons for choosing this activity. As the reading assignment pointed out (Activities) group activities help learners discuss content, share ideals, solve problems and collaborate. This activity purposely places students working together as a team. In healthcare, teamwork is […]

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