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Response to generations articles

While reading the article, E-Learning Generations, I chuckled because I remember a several aspects from the generations, such as IBM computers and Atari games in the second generations, AOL dial-up internet connections, email and chatrooms. After reading the article, I found that ‘second life’, intrigued me the most, due to the creative interaction, real-life, and … Continue reading Response to generations articles

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MOOCs- Austin Higgs

The word that I googled was SCORM. SCORM stands for Shareable Content Reference Model. It is a set of standards that interoperability among content and LMSs smooth and possible. It sounds pretty complicated but think about it another way. Content is made by many different developers and individuals, and LMSs (learning management systems) house the … 

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Elluminate for eLearning

When reading the E-Learning Generations article, I chose to dive deeper into Elluminate.  I picked this topic because I hadn’t heard of Elluminate previously and the name sounded interesting (if I am being honest).  In an article by Wang & Hsu (2008), I found that Elluminate is a tool used for webinars.  In this article, …

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Generations mLearning

The subject I chose was based on the term mobiMOOC, which was a course designed to help demonstrate mLearning or mobile learning.  This area is interesting as nowadays especially we as adults and certainly the younger generations revolve around our mobile devices, more specifically our smartphones.  These days we can’t live without our phones.  They […]

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DS106 Beth Wright

DS106 sparked an interest because I was not familiar with this and I do not have any prior experience. I found this to be totally “outside of the box” thinking and amazing. DS means digital storytelling. DS106 is a course offered through Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg, VA ( The first course was taught in …

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E-Learning Generations

Stephen Downes highlighted quite a few terms, ideas and concepts in his E-Learning Generations post that I was not to familiar with. So I had a lot to select from. I chose the one that really fascinated me the most…..Digital Storytelling … Continue reading

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