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Week 11: MOOCs

I’m torn on whether or not my course would translate well into a MOOC. While the content is certainly flexible enough to be usable by a tremendous audience and is not specific to VCU, it does not fit in with Zemsky’s description of MOOCs: “Neither MOOCs as originally conceived nor MOOCs designed specifically to supply gen-ed courses […]

MOOCS – Week 11

MOOCS are certainly a good idea as a way to give people access and the ability to learn something in a somewhat structured format.  However, MOOCS became more about the product and not so much about the learner. There are MOOCS designed to simply deliver or show how a product is used.  It doesn’t necessarily […]


When it comes to MOOCs I have to quote Robert Zemsky, from his article With a MOOC MOOC Here and a MOOC MOOC There, Here a MOOC, There a MOOC, Everywhere a MOOC MOOC, “What is required are faculty who … Continue reading →


After reading the 3 articles this week, I feel torn (so to speak) about MOOC’s and their benefit or place in adult learning.  In a couple of the articles it discusses the ease, flexibility and availability of MOOC’s for learners to enroll in and complete classes.  However, all three articles discuss how they aren’t effective […]


How do MOOCs fit in Adult eLearning theory? That is a pretty good question but I am not sure it necessarily has a straightforward answer. It seems like part of the nature of MOOCs is that they are variant. As time has gone by and MOOCs have evolved and developed I think what theory they […]


Based on the articles I completely understand why MOOCS are considered for adult learning. Whether they are successful and the end-all-be-all in adult learning is a separate conversation. But I can definitely see the rationale and argument for their advent. Adults face certain constraints on their lives, time, abilities, and needs for autonomy that adolescents […]


How do MOOCs fit in Adult eLearning theory? The articles point to constructivism, connectivism and other theories, but what is your take on where this technology fits into the theory that we have discussed in this class? To my knowledge, I haven’t participated in any MOOC courses. I can see MOOC fitting in Adult eLearning […]

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