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Status Update

I’ve added more resources for tool safety and tutorials and corrected a few spelling mistakes throughout (still more of those to go, for sure).  I’ve been working on adding a “Back to Top” menu option or something similar.  Still haven’t… Continue Reading →

Project Status

Thank you again for everyone’s feedback! It left me feeling encouraged and gave me a fresh pair of eyes as to how I should address certain pages in my module. I’ve updated, added, and changed a number of things to … Continue reading →


My module is about 50-75% done as far as content and structure. I have to finish populating a couple of pages and fine tune the user experience. Also I was to retool my home page a bit and make sure that the instructions make sense. There are still some pieces of content that I have […]

NSG 230 Project Status

I’ve had some colleagues say they can enter the course and some say they can not. I’ve reached out to a resource with canvas about this. I’ve also included objectives and learning activities as well as the what’s needed to succeed in these sections. The document is included for those students who wish to download […]

ADLT640 Module Update

Over this last week I have figured out how to add forms to my module; however, I haven’t figured out how to incorporate real time feedback.  (I have added forms to test their knowledge to the what is diabetes page.)  I get an email notification of response submissions from the module but I have to […]


Hello Everyone, Thanks again for all of the feedback last week. I am slowly figuring out what I am doing. I would say the “Community” has a long way to go and will not be fully developed by the end of the course. Ideally, I really want to have “fully cooked” instructions and descriptions on […]

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