This is a 2-minute vieo that outline the importance and significants of on line learning. This is a great resource to aid in our journey over the past 6-weeks. SB Click here to go to Six Advantages of Online Learning Submitted by Sam Burns… Read More

SB: End of Course Reflection; ADLT 642 (20 July 2015) I initially decided to take this course as an additional course (not required), even though I am a Human Resource Development track student with the School of Education (Adult Learning). After my first day of class, I seriously considered dropping this class. The course requirements … Continue reading SB: End of Course Reflection; ADLT 642 (20 July 2015) Read More

It is amazing how you always hear the unexpected when you listen to people’s presentations. I am still reeling from the amazing solutions to the four clients’ problems presented in class this week. I loved the Weebly page that the … Continue reading Read More

Course Objectives By the end of this course, the learner will have: 1. Applied principles of e-learning and instructional design theory and practice to critically assess adult e-learning cases for various settings, disciplines, and learners. I have learned about communities of inquiry  (COI) and the importance of addressing teacher, cognitive and social presence when designing e-learning. […]… Read More