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“Free for all”

“They do it to relax, to hang out, to have fun… Like sports, they do it as a way to spend time together without actually having to talk about anything significant that might be going on their lives (Kimmel 147)…. Continue Reading →

The Pornogrpahized Woman: Start ’em Young

The Pornographized Woman: Start ‘em Young In chapter 8 of Guyland, Kimmel explains the underpinnings of the sociology of pornography in the lives of young men and burgeoning teens. Kimmel explains that the sociology of pornography begins long before the… Continue Reading →

Getting Over as Getting Back

Many men believe that sex is owed to them because they gave a women alcohol, drugs, or took them out on a date. If that was the case then you might as well go buy a prostitute because expecting sexual… Continue Reading →

“Prove it!”

In chapter five Kimmel talks about binge drinking being a common practice for college students and I easily agreed from my own lived experiences it is very much so almost a part of the college experience at one point or… Continue Reading →

An Experience with the Culture of Entitlement, Silence, and Protection

Growing up with a brother who was exactly thirteen months older than you is definitely not something I recommend, if that even is something you can recommend.  It is not the fact that he was my brother that I hated,… Continue Reading →

Targeting Young Minorities

In Punished, Rios discusses an encounter he and Slick have with the police while they are “chilling” on the street by a taco truck. All of a sudden, police cars pull up and immediately start to question and search them for… Continue Reading →


Rios discusses how authority figures treat Jose in his everyday life on pages 58-59. His teachers are scared of him and frequently threaten to call the cops if he “messes up” in class. The cops in and out of school… Continue Reading →

Blog 1: Underpolicing in the Fairfax County

I grew up in northern Virginia for most of my childhood and adolescence. There was a small community of African Americans in my county, and even fewer that went to my middle and high school. There were many times that… Continue Reading →

Blog #3 Boys will be boys

School administration in the book and American schools a like encourage male entitlement to women’s bodies through actually policies such as the dress code or lack thereof education concerning sexual harassment. In the reinforcement of the dress code, women are… Continue Reading →


The last few chapters of the book seemed to focus on mainly masculinity and why boys act the way they do. It also explained how some of the females at the school chose to stand out and not be bound… Continue Reading →

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