Shattering Cultural Norms: Where Do We Begin?

I remember the first time it was whispered in my ear as I sat in math class in the 9th grade. My friend leaned over and said, “Chris is a fag, did you hear?” Yes, I had noticed Chris’s distinctive “feminine” swagger and how he would throw his hands up in a flamboyant way every … Continue reading Shattering Cultural Norms: Where Do We Begin?

Dude, you’re a fag.

Homosexuality is a highly controversial topic in which gay’s and lesbians have been stigmatized for years, and its only recently that they’ve been given equal rights that heterosexuals were granted naturally. However, Pascoe conducted a copious amount of research on River High, and came across what I would call disturbing findings. White males often call…

Beauty Pageants: Masculinity vs. Femininity

“The pageant is a night to be glamorous (what girl doesn’t love that?!)”. NBC 29 news featured a short clip on the Miss Charlottesville pageant on 04OCT15 showing female contestants in formal dresses on stage competing for the 2016 titles. Winners of the pageant not only receive material rewards but also receives a boost in … Continue reading Beauty Pageants: Masculinity vs. Femininity

Constructing Masculinity

High school can be tough, especially when it comes to emerging an identity. Schools are a primary institution for identity formation and the construction of race, class, and gender inequalities. Cliques that are formed in high school contribute to this as they are one of the factors that influences how teens identify and position themselves.…