Homosexuality in High School

I remember watching one of my close friends going through high school. I knew he was gay and a lot of our other female friends were also informed. It was the guys in the school that weren’t so aware, at least he thought so.

My friend thought it was a good idea to keep his sexuality hidden because he didn’t want anyone to treat him different just because he liked boys. All through out school he only talked with select people about it. He even tried fooling with girls. I guess he was trying  to mask his true feelings. Towards the end of our high school years he had started having homosexual relationships but they were not with people at our school.

After graduation it was out, I’m not sure how it came out.  But I know he felt better he could be himself.  Maybe it was the fact that he didn’t have to see all these students everyday, or have to explain why he was the way he was that made him keep his sexuality a secret. I can’t say that I blame him because teens are so judgmental these days.

For instance with Ricky in Dude You’re a Fag, who was open with being gay. Would my friend have been bullied and harassed like Ricky was?  Ricky even ended out dropping out of school because out the taunting. Not to say that my friend would of been teased but teens say stuff to lightly like the word fag. When I hear fag I think of gay, like explained in the book it doesn’t have to mean gay.  But we can’t just go around saying fag when it can be offensive to homosexual people.

I read an article title Gay in High School, it really went in dept about how gay students struggle with acceptance from their peers, parents and within themselves. It explained how gay students have such a high suicide rate. And lastly it followed the lives of  three high school students struggling with their sexuality. Suicide was the answer and still is for some teens.  Times seem to be changing now and were experiencing more support for the LBGTQ community.  The article mentioned celebrities, actors and even the president having supportive campaigns and events for bullied homosexual teens.  Some states have anti-bullying laws that make the schools buckle down on bullying.  I think this is a great idea, no one should be bullied, especially for being themselves. I know i wouldn’t have been able to watch my friend being bullied without stepping end to defend him. If more people got involved, I bet the bullying would stop and people would be more comfortable being themselves in front of everybody.


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