Shattering Cultural Norms: Where Do We Begin?

I remember the first time it was whispered in my ear as I sat in math class in the 9th grade. My friend leaned over and said, “Chris is a fag, did you hear?” Yes, I had noticed Chris’s distinctive “feminine” swagger and how he would throw his hands up in a flamboyant way every … Continue reading Shattering Cultural Norms: Where Do We Begin?

Middle School Girls

From the time that we are around 4 or 5 to the time that we are about 10 or 11 most of us were in elementary school. Back then the only thing we worried about was what was for lunch, recess, and getting picked last for kickball.. Fast-forward a few years and we entered a…

Nostalgia-Have teenagers really changed?

“Ah the good ol’days.” How easy it is to remember how our generation was just somehow better and the youth so much more respectful and polite. It seems as if every generation engages in nostalgic recollections of youth. We often hear it said that the teens of “our day” were more moral and compliant than the … Continue reading Nostalgia-Have teenagers really changed?