Identity in Emerging Adulthood

Emerging adulthood is a time where you are forced to know yourself. While some say that emerging adulthood encompasses the “intimacy vs isolation” stage of Erikson’s stages of development, I’d argue that many people are still in “identity vs role confusion.” (Perhaps as a part of this idea that we’re taking longer to grow up.) … Continue reading Identity in Emerging Adulthood

The Spatial Demarcation

“Police set parameters for where individuals could loiter or commit crime.” (Rios, 2011) The author of the book Punished, Victor Rios, created an image of the lives of Black and Latino boys. Individuals do not really understand what others go through until you are in that situation yourself. A boy that came from the same…

The Pressure Cooker Explodes

The adolescence phase is a very awkward yet exciting time in anyone’s lives. It is the point after puberty where guys and girls basically leap from childhood to adulthood. Although a lot of teens would like to avoid this phase in life, it is simply inevitable. Adolescence goes hand in hand with issues teenagers suddenly…

The Silent Battle

Humans are social creatures, i.e. we long for acceptance, success and companionship. This is true for anyone no matter your age, race, gender, economic class or educational level, but it is especially true for individuals between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one (roughly), a period of development that G. Stanley Hall named adolescence.   Adolescence…

PBS: Inside the Teenage Brain

By: Meghan McTernan Physiological psychology. Big words, simple definitions. It’s basically a subdivision of psychology that focuses on the brain’s structures and functions to understand behavior. Inside the Teenage Brain took this concept and used it to understand teenage behavior. I remember waking up at 6am for high school, dreading every second of it, sleeping … Continue reading PBS: Inside the Teenage Brain