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As we near our discussion of adolescents, one of the major components that stood out the most during this semester was the practice of communication. It’s not just about parents communicating with their child, but its how these teenagers are communicating with each other. So often we hear about bullying, sexting, and just off the wall things that teenagers are doing now and the messages, …


Throughout the book it talks about cruel and unfair punishment that is enforced and maintained throughout the streets of Oakland. Mainly focusing on and concentrating on the minorities in the community. Exampled displayed throughout the entire book mainly focuses on trying to use law enforcement as somewhat a threat but at the same time they … Continue reading Consequences

Identity in Emerging Adulthood

Emerging adulthood is a time where you are forced to know yourself. While some say that emerging adulthood encompasses the “intimacy vs isolation” stage of Erikson’s stages of development, I’d argue that many people are still in “identity vs role confusion.” (Perhaps as a part of this idea that we’re taking longer to grow up.) … Continue reading Identity in Emerging Adulthood

Punished with Labeling Theory

Labeling theory is how the self-identity and behavior of individuals may be determined or influenced by the terms used to describe or classify them. It’s almost acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy and way of stereotyping. Reading the book, Punished, made me think of labeling theory often. The book, Punished, is an ethnography about policing the […]

The Criminalization of Racialized Youth

The United States leads the world in incarceration, and┬ámany individuals in certain communities are inducted in to the criminal justice system at a very young age. This punitive state existed long before the 1980s but Reagan’s ‘War on Drugs’ served to solidify the U.S. as a pioneer of using social control to achieve┬ámass incarceration. Children…

Proving manhood

Victor M. Rios, author of Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys, focuses on many of the struggles that marginalized young men face. He shows how the system criminalizes them and narrows their opportunities to make a change to a more positive lifestyle. This book shows an inside look of the lives of…