Do We Know Our People, Our History, Our Value?

Eastlondonline. “Angela Davis speaks about race relations in the United States.” Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, 1 Dec. 2014. Web. 5 Dec. 2014.


African Social and Political Thought is…

An opportunity to talk about the issues discussed by Prof. Angela Davis in a way that sparks the necessary dialogue to envoke change. It allows all that come in contact with this class to develop and expand their voice as a person of any color in the fight for equality. It promotes a sense of community and pride in Black life. Black people have been ignored, silenced, hidden, beaten, murdered, hated, dehumanized, hypersexualized, degraded, stereotyped, captured and put in a position that limits upward mobility. Contrary to the internalized notion of Black American inferiority, the African Diapora as a whole has dealt with these issues. People all around the world are taught to place themselves above peoples of African heritage. The “lesser beings” as we are known are assumed to have no rights to the luxuries of life. We are taught that as Black people we need to stay in our place and keep our mouths shut. But African Social and Political Thought allows us as a people to recapture our power, strength, and voices as Black people living in our America.

In this class you are apart of a movement towards greater change. The conversations that arise push the conventional boundaries of African American/Africana Studies because reality not fallacy is the central focus. Each class provides an overview of problematic and positive elements of Black history followed by in depth conversation that sparks a dialogue that needs to be had within the community and with community leaders. The ability to take what is learned from each others ideas and experiences is how change happens. There is also encouragement to embrace who you are as a Black person and take the step necessary to combat your own racist ideologies.


I Love Ancestry. “Stokely Carmichael: The White Man & American Holocaust, 1968.” Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, 24 Feb. 2014. Web. 5 Dec. 2014.


Some of the most interesting elements of this course were the topics. Black Power in and of itself is a movement that rocked the nation. It presented a side of Black people that whites always believed existed, but unfortunately not how they expected. Black power movements throughout history (I personally consider any movement for Black empowerment apart of the Black Power movement) have shown Black people for who they really are…people. Something that white people have never presented us to be. Black people are always considered the savage, beast, ape or some other derogatory term. However, Black people often present themselves in a dignified manner. I have learned through discussion of Black power movements that the renewal of the Black community was always the central focus. Regardless of how militant the Black Panther party was they used that to their advantage as a sort of repellent to whites in order to get things accomplished. They have had one of the largest impacts on urban renewal in history. The programs and organizations that they built have impacted the lives of millions both Black and white.

Another vital component of the course that had an impact was our conversation on the Black Feminist Movement. It created a much needed dialogue because Black women have a separate history within the Black community. Double and Triple jeopardy in the lives of Black women, which in many cases is still present today, has caused an internal rift among Black people. Once we as a community come to terms with these issues, and like with white America, get Black men to understand the Black woman we can begin to heal within ourselves. This separation in Black community should not exist. Audre Lorde, Angela Davis, bell hooks, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ella Baker, Mary Church Terrell, Anna Julia Cooper, and so many more have not only fought for women but also men in this struggle for equality. Black life is too precious to waste on petty indifference based on gender.


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“Stop Redlining South LA: A Practice of Discrimination.” Google. JPEG.

“The Value of Violence, The Price of Poverty.” Google. JPEG.

For me one of the most compelling topics was redlining and limiting Black access to resources. This is something that has to stop and needs to change. In this so called “land of opportunity” Black families should not have to struggle to the extent that they do. No one should have to struggle to sustain their lives because everyone deserves equality with citizenship. Because a citizen is entitled to their rights regardless of where you are in the world.

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Look at my Black people, Our Black people…They’re beautiful and have always been beautiful throughout time and the course of history. What I have taken from this class is that as Black people and for me personally as a Black Woman living in this country, standing up for myself and my community is the only stance that is justifiable. It is time out for excuses and being timid, change has to happen and it has to happen with me.

The fact that Mike Brown and Eric Garner’s deaths and trials happened in the midst of this course further provoked Black pride and actualization of societal issues. The level of controversy sparked by these two incidences brought the history of Black people and Social/Political Thought in American to the forefront. The recognition of their being a race problem and a social problem by allies of the Black community reveals a sense of awaken throughout not only this country, but the world.



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