“Africana Social and Political Thought is . . .”




Africana social and political thought is…

The birth of little black babies

The soulful voice of spiritual ladies

The father’s shift, working nine to five

The mother’s fear when her son doesn’t arrive

The click of beads in a little girl’s hair

The reality of knowing your life won’t be fair

The bags in their eyes after working a fifty hour week

The skin of my grandmother, so brown and sleek

The sound of sneakers running down the block

The “good boy” who just sold his first rock

The frustration of parents cleaning after work

The girl who stands in front of the mirror to twerk

The gun shots that pop in the middle of the night

The sweat in your palms when police flash their lights

The stories of my ancestors that I have been told

The weariness of not knowing what the future will hold

Marisha Downer

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