Political and Social Thought is

african figure Africana social and political thought is an exploration of the shared experiences of African descended people across the diaspora.  It examines the history through the scope of multiple figures, intellectual thinkers, artists, abolitionist, Pan Africanist, Black Nationalist,and  Feminist etc.

This class in particular allowed room to delve deeper in the minds of the great people introduced to us, but in some cases offer criticism.  The very broad literature from week to week kept the discussions interesting and insightful.

Africana social and political thought is a deconstruction of the conditions, the social structure, and the political system.  Its a breakdown of the ideology that dictate the movement of a group of people maneuvering within those parameters.

Being in this class has open my eyes wider than ever before.  It is amazing to read how past leaders/figures challenged the system and those who worked behind the scenes has so much impact on the movements.  Its inspiring to see how active a group of people resembling myself were and not just twiddling their thumbs as by the omitted  history of blacks in high school books would have us to believe.

In addition, I was moved by the following day after the Grand Jury elected not to indict the Ferguson police officer that my AFAM classes broke script and allowed everyone to express their grievances.  In this class, the discussion was so powerful and moving and to hear Mr. Ewing (as well as other professors) chime in and articulate his sentiments was just as touching.


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