What is Africana Social and Political Thought?

Africana Social and Political thought is the sum of all the parts of African American literature, movements, and culture. I think at this point in history we are focusing a lot on the notion that “Black Lives Matter” due to the protests in Ferguson, MO and nationwide. think it’s disheartening that even in this day and age people still need to protest for this. It should be obvious.


However, it is not. When people combat “Black Lives Matter” with the statement “All Lives Matter,” I find it offensive. If you look at the history of the United States, its pretty evident that white lives have mattered since the beginning. Other races were never enslaved like African Americans. No other race is represented in the prison system as profoundly as African Americans. No other race is still being attacked by law enforcement at alarming rates with no punishment. These protests are not protesting just any body being killed by police- they are protesting black lives!

 So to take these statements and turn them into something they are not meant to be is offensive. Even though people who are protesting, as doing so with good intentions presumably, they are taking away the platform that is needed for African Americans.

 As far as what is Africana social and political thought- I think it acknowledging the value of African American lives in our society. Appreciating others for their differences and similarities. And it is studying the writings and lessons of leaders and important figures in civil rights movements in order to form an educated opinion on an important piece of history that is still extremely live and well today.


Images from: http://themoxiemodus.com/category/black-lives-matter/ and http://www.blackenterprise.com/lifestyle/black-lives-matter-a-tribute-black-men-killed-by-police/

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