FromĀ  these past few weeks, we discussed the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle and Academic and Social Well-being. All the points made in class were things that I already had knowledge of generally, but I do admit it gave me a better perspective on what action and steps that I need to take to have an even better successful journey.

We did an assignment centered around Eat, Move, and Sleep. I chose to focus on exercise for the week as I was already starting to try and get back in shape and work out regularly. It was a bit of a challenge to keep going near the end of the week as assignments and my work schedule had gotten in the way of things, and this made me realize that I can not just bail on my exercise because life can get tough. So I had decided to work with my schedule instead of against it. For instance I usually would get up at 5:30 every morning to get a workout in at the gym in my apartment, and some days that works out fine, other days it doesn’t and that can be discouraging. So instead of beating myself up when that happens, I may just bike a longer route to school to get those extra minutes of exercise in, jog up the stairs, or even do something crazy like walk an hour to walk (which I have done before). Main point is, as long as I’m active and feeling encouraged, then everything would be all good.

Another activity that I enjoyed was when we ranked our needs, could have, and don’t needs for our future career and it did give me a better perspective on what my priorities are for my career. I plan on becoming a Clinical Psychologist so naturally my top priority was to help others in need and a could have but not necessary element was a high salary. A high salary is very much appreciated indeed, however from the beginning I knew that money is not my drive for a career.

I will be graduating this spring and planning on taking a year off to find research and internship opportunities to better my academic and career well-being before applying for grad school. I plan to talk about my experiences with my family and friends, letting them know what I learned and how it could benefit them as well. Being in this class and hearing these lectures has given me the courage to talk to my advisers about my career plans, go to career advising, and even contacting real Clinical Psychologists and asking them what they love about their job and what they would do differently.