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WeeklyPost 5


Students will use Tinker Cad to construct an object to be printed off, using the 3-D Printers.


The students will work together constructing their game pieces, in which, they will be using to mark their spot on the game boards. The pieces could include The Washington Monument, The Pentagon, American Flag, eagle, etc. Teams will take turns answering questions related to the SOL. If they are correct, they can advance. Some of these questions include pictures of different symbols/monuments or facts about it.


Not knowing the meanings and importance of the monuments and symbols of America. This activity will help them understand the importance of the characteristics, locations, and facts about the symbols of America. We can take them on a tour through the school to identify different symbols. Also, make the connection to their own mascot, making it a bit more personal and easy to understand. We can also identify the importance of symbolic identification by stating how we say the pledge every morning.

  • TPK

The 3-D Printer creates mini replica models for them to visually see what these monuments and symbols actually look like in person.

  • PCK

Students are able to see foreign objects, in which, they may not have had the opportunity to see themselves in person. In doing so, they are learning about these concepts, and see visuals to aid in learning.

  • TCK

The technology allows the students to learn the content tangibly, rather than arbitrarily

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