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Week 6

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Students will utilize their laptops by watching a brief informational video to answer a follow up riddle worksheet. Students can also conduct further research on their own from another outside source if the video was not substantial enough for them.


The information presented will aid the students in visibly and audibly learning about the solar system and various facts surrounding the planets.


Students may not realize the sheer breadth of the universe, so aiding them visibly can scale it for them to see rather than having to visualize it in their heads. They will be familiarized with the locations of the planets, if they even knew there was a set order, along with relative facts in order to enhance classroom discussion. We can start by firstly introducing gravity, most likely a term they are familiar with. Showing and explaining how gravity works both on Earth and on theMoon/in space through instructional and video aid, will allow the students to understand that planets are aligned in space due to the Sun’s gravitational force upon them. This will introduce them to the topic a bit more while answering any questions before diving straight into this lesson on planets.



Watching the video on their laptops will aid the students in being able to understand the shear sizes of the planets and accurately visualize them in their correct order.


The students will be able to differentiate the planets and be able to provide feedback to group discussion as well as know the locations and facts about our solar system at base level.


The informational video will allow students to visualize the content. Many people learn visually rather than through auditory means. The content will be able to be seen while taught, helping link any misconceptions the students may have had.


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