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Blog Post #11: SAMR

Google Form:

SOL 4.7: The student will investigate and understand the organization of the solar system a) the planets in the solar system; b) the order of the planets in the solar system; and c) the relative sizes of the planets.

SAMR Model:

  • Modification: Students are able to either utilize or not utilize technology with this lesson as they will identify the planets in the solar system as well as correctly ordering them. Although technology is utilized, helping aid their learning visually, the modification can be done through paper text as well. The Google Form will have the short slides on the solar system they may refer to as well as an “exit ticket” for the students to display their knowledge.
  • Augmentation: Even though technology is applied for visual aide, the students could still complete activity without the use of technology.
  • The SAMR model is a great means of communication between teachers and students as it engages and challenges them. Modifying the lesson enhances the meaning while increasing discussion and engagement.


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