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Week 13

I think there is a lot of overlap between the the and the standards in the classroom. The idea of students engaging more in technology is crucial for future generations. The advancement of technology has grown exponentially, just since I have been in grade school. The sphero’s were new to me but a great way to engage every student into the lesson. Everyone is accounted for and everyone is paying attention as they are the direct facilitators. They are the same in that they can be implemented with other SOL standards. For instance, we were coding with the spheros, a topic I never had the opportunity to learn about in grade school. The allows students to explore algorithms, looping and other events. The only challenge I see would be schools without funding or resources. I have spent over 70 hours in Richmond City Schools, including Title 1. Those schools simply do not have the extra funds for expensive immersive technology.

Also, almost every SOL can be integrated somehow with the Computer Science Standard, so it is a great way to simultaneously teach a lesson regarding different strains of curriculum. I believe the spheros are a great introduction for an immersive and technological friendly classroom!

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