Angels eat too

In Book 5, I noticed a pattern of Milton distinguishing between but also aligning  the spiritual, non-material Angel Raphael and the corporeality of Adam and Eve. This comparing and contrasting seemed important because I thought it had something to do with what made Adam and Eve “mutable” and what made Raphael unchangeable. The difference is […]

Can We Attribute Adam and Eve’s Transgression to Boredom?

Don’t get me wrong, Paradise sounds great, but I think that much of Book 4 invites this interpretation. First of all, there is the absence of any other explanations. Of course, the devil in disguise appears to be the main source of Adam and Eve’s sin in most readings, but I’d argue that there had […]

Death and Its Purpose Within the Narrative Of Paradise Lost

Not that I think Milton was concerned with plot efficiency while writing Paradise Lost, but the inclusion of the allegorical/not allegorical shape of death feels a little strange. What is its purpose within the story? It would be one thing if it was mentioned briefly as part of the setting and then forgotten like the […]

New Depictions of Familiar Biblical Ideas

When I was a kid I went to Sunday School but never paid attention. For this reason, I’m not quite sure how close some representations in Paradise Lost are to ones in the Bible. Either way, I’m finding lots of interesting info about religious imagery that I hadn’t heard of before. “the Towrs of Heav’n are fill’d/With Armed watch, that […]

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