The Earth’s First Creatures

Following Thursday’s discussion on ants, I decided to look into Milton’s descriptions of other animals to see if they meant more than it seemed on the surface. I was surprised to find that at least in my eyes, none of the other descriptions lend themselves toward the same sort of reading. I mean, there is the phonological similarities between “foul” and “fowl” which could probably take on a number of interpretations,  and then there are a bunch of other adjective/animal combinations like scalie Crocodile.  Beyond this though, it only seems like the Tawnie Lion is described in more depth. He is described as an animal imprisoned, “pawing to get free” and then springing “as if broke from Bonds.” Now, I’m sure some critic has addressed the symbolism in this image but for now I am uncertain as to what it might signify.



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  1. I read other sources on this and I was surprised to see that there were so many different animals. I also saw the foul and fowl, and pondered why he would have used one more than another.

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