Reflection on Tuesday’s Class

Like many of you, I thoroughly enjoyed Tuesday’s class because it gave me a different understanding of the text than I am used to getting in other literature classes. While the expereienxe of reading alone and silence may offer more in terms of critical reading and the identification of patterns in form, I find that reading aloud in a group setting infuses the text with different emotions and personality than is usual. I feel like a lot of this has to do with what each reader in the group chooses to stress and emphasize while reading. It is  really astonishing to hear the variety of rhythms and speeds people read Milton at; and honestly refreshing to hear reading voices other than my own. The one difficulty with this method of reading I think is the awkward shifts between different readers. I felt like oftentimes in the middle of an important idea, someone would be forced to break off and lose momentum because they’d reached the end of their sentence.

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