The Son’s Arrival

I thought I’d emphasize a few lines early on in Book 10 that I thought were worth thinking over. After sinning in the most obvious way possible, the Son calls Adam out from hiding in a really curious way: “where art thou, Adam, wont with joy to meet My coming seen far off? I miss thee here…

The first notable thing about this passage seems to be that the Son calls to Adam only and not to Eve who has sinned in the same way. I’m not sure what the purpose is, since both are punished for sinning.

The second thing is the fact that his “coming is seen from far off. “ I think the phrasing here implies that his arrival was seen far off in the sense that for a while Adam and Eve were told that if they sin they will be punished severely. Essentially that they’d been warned.

The third thing is the the phrase “I miss thee here,” a strange thing for someone bringing judgement to say. The sentence is bizarrely kind and welcoming.




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