on writing a Milton essay

I remember at the beginning of the semester being  confused when Dr. C referred to Paradise Lost as a “poem about everything.  After finishing my paper and spending a lot of time trying to streamline some of “everything” into a cogent argument,  I have a better idea of what he meant. When I really got down to trying to think up a line of argument I found that the writing was so dense, referential, and full of tangential arguments that it made any sort of essay writing a little more difficult than I was used to. The academic sources I looked at seemed to reflect this too – you could look up something as specific as “Michael’s Consolation of Adam and Eve,” and about a billion different essays would pop up each looking at this relationship from a different angle.



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  1. I would have to agree with you, it seems like you could almost spend days on one page in our text book per class breaking everything down. It was an intimidating statement when he said it that day in class.

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