ICE Reflection

Part 1 I think this simulation week allowed me to see how much I have truly learned during this first year of PT school. Throughout the week I was able to continue to build my clinical reasoning skills by using information I have accumulated over the past year. This week also helped me see more… Continue reading ICE Reflection

Virtual Gallery – The Expression of Human Pain

The piece “Lamentation,” created by Martha Graham in 1930, for me has always beautifully and tactfully expressed the coalescence of physical pain with grief. In this piece, the shapes the dancer makes throughout are positions that I associate with a person’s body being in pain. For instance, this choreography both begins and ends with the… Continue reading Virtual Gallery – The Expression of Human Pain

About Me:

Hi there! My name is Alexandra Murphy and I am a student of Physical Therapy at Virginia Commonwealth University! With a lifelong background in formal dance training, I have always been passionate about the movement of the human body and proper biomechanics. My desire to become a physical therapist began culminating in high school when… Continue reading About Me: