Don’t think about it too much

I feel the lectures from the various professors throughout this course so far have had an invaluable impact on me. From the first week where we assessed our own mental health and my results came back  much lower than expected so when I was reading the Keye’s lecture I evaluated how my results compared with the dimensions that reflect a person with flourishing mental health. I think one of my weaker strengths that influenced my score is that I have yet to reach environmental mastery and also developing positive relations. I think I have a harder time with environmental mastery  because I have a hard time controlling my emotions when I am in certain social situations. In addition I think I have a problem with positive relationships because, I feel like many times in our live’s we have people that may be family who are capable of invoking extremely negative emotions within us and it’s harder to cope because we can’t just “cut” people like this out of our lives.  However, since we’ve learned about being mindful, and how we can implement breathing techniques into our daily lives to control our first instincts including emotions of rage, sadness and annoyance.

What I also found interesting from our class lecturer’s is that there is no gene for mental health or illness; in addition how much of our happiness is dependent on intentional acts. Which means that everyday there is a new opportunity to increase your own happiness exponentially by deliberately doing acts that make you happy whether its going to the gym, talking to your best friend on the phone for an hour everyday which I usually do to keep myself sane. I think by doing at least one thing to keep ourselves happy everyday we can avoid episodes of depression. Most importantly I think to increase our overall happiness we need to not overthink and just be comfortable with who we are especially our weaknesses or strengths that are harder for us to express naturally.

citation for meme: date accessed: 2/11/2018

6 thoughts on “Don’t think about it too much”

  1. I love the idea that everyday we can choose to increase our happiness; that it is not all controlled by some cruel fate. We definitely need to be more comfortable in our own skin, that would certainly help with our happiness as a people.

  2. Very interesting anecdote! I think it’s too easy to go through life totally naive to your own mental state, especially with so many distractions becoming more and more unavoidable. I’m happy that the class made you take a step back to think about your own mental health, which turned out to be feel really… good? I think that’s something people are sorely forgetting about during the constant bombardment of stimulation called modern life. Thanks for the post!

  3. I really liked the part about how there is a chance everyday to increase your own happiness by doing things that make you happy, I feel like a lot of people forget to do this and it can really change their overall happiness.

  4. Hi Alexia, I can totally relate to the Keye’s results. I have also have a hard time allow my emotions to get the best of me when it comes to dealing with social situations. It has always bee easier for me to cut people off after they have done something that was way out of line and unacceptable. But as I have gotten older, I am starting to realize that I am giving these people more power when I entertain them. Learning to forgive and forget someone is hard, but it can be done.

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