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I think since I’ve learned about emotional resilience in the age of technology, SURPS and social and emotional learning it has changed my outlook on life. All the topics were intertwined and connected in various ways. Emotional resilence and the SURPS score we discussed in class were connected because our emotional resilience to technology can be related to our impulsivity score and our risk of substance abuse. Everyday most people including myself are impulsively checking our phone when there is no notification or need to; often time feeling the need to excite our life to compete with followers we may/ may not know on  our social media platforms          . If we actually act on these urges it may increase the negative effects we experience in our life.  Negative effects such as decreased  mental acuity, increase risky behaviors such as sex and drinking. However after hearing Dr. Ross’ lecture I think these can be overcame  by implementing social and emotional learning at the college level. College is a time of high stress many changes so in order to alleviate some of this stress  VCU and other universities could offer more  workshops for incoming freshman and other students throughout their college career. I think throughout my college career I definitely had to figure out how to be resilient on my own and learning to prioritize between academics and social life. The beginning of my college career I definitely struggled with spending too much time socializing with people who weren’t goal oriented and distracted me from my own goals. Luckily I was able to get back on track but this isn’t the situation for many college students who will end up spending six years in colleges instead of four or dropping out all together. Since learning about all these different topics I’ve definitely have tried to cut down on the amount of time I spend on my phone and computer if it is not school related and have noticed that the amount of time I need to study has decreased since I’m more focused. The reason I chose the Tupac meme because I feel many times people think they deserve the best in life without putting in the work.

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  1. I agree with you about implementing more SEL programs at a college level. Most college students are coming from schools that didn’t have those programs at their school, so gaining the information in college can be as helpful as gaining it when you were in elementary or middle school.

  2. I feel that there are multiple people out there who do experience resilience, and I think it is wonderful that you tied it to being a college student, because we all know that the only way to make it out to the other side is to be just that and to continue to keep pushing forward to our end goal.

  3. Hi Alexia! It was my first time hearing about social and emotional learning and I completely agree that it needs to implemented. However, I think it should be implemented event before college. I think making it a basic class like math and science in middle or even late elementary school is key towards improving health and performance. Research has shown that grades and attendance have increased while depression and anxiety decreased as a result of social and emotional learning.

    The shocking nature of how horrible it is to check your phone constantly is frightening to a degree. Sometimes I don’t find anything wrong with unlocking my phone when there are no messages (I don’t even see it as a waste of time). There are times when I unlock my phone just to watch snap stories too. Thankfully, the guest lectures in these classes have helped me realize some of the poor habits I have developed.

  4. I agree with some of your sentiments. I find it interesting how you related emotional resilience to our impulsivity scores, and then to the risk for things like substance abuse; and I agree with the connection. I also agree that a program should be implemented at the university level for incoming students so that they can familiarize themselves with information like what we have been presented with in this course. Congratulations with your insights and progress!

  5. I think it’s really cool that just from one lecture in class many people have decided to cut down on their smartphone time (including myself!) The statistics we were shown about smartphone use didn’t surprise me, but definitely made me feel like I need to be more aware of how it impacts my life. I hope spending less time on technology has been as beneficial for you as it has been for me!

  6. I had a similar experience with surrounding myself with the wrong people. It can be exciting and they can be fun people to hang around but it definitely keeps you from reaching your goals. You’re totally right about some people not being about to space themselves from that environment (I know one friend in that group who was 24 and still in school since starting at 18). That’s great you were able to focus and motivated yourself again though!

  7. Great choice of a photo, I love it! I am guilty as well of impulsively picking up my phone at any given moment which I thought was weird since my impulsivity score was really low. I am glad that you were able to get yourself back on track, that is great! I wish you the best of luck with you continuing to cut down your screen use, I am trying to do the same as well. Good Luck!

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