What are we Feeding Animals?

Notes from the video:

We feed our food animals by products of slaughtered animals and rendered animals, animal waste, and waste from industrial processes!

The amount of human waste that is generated per year is 6.9 million dry tons and the amount that we add to our land is just about half = 3.9 million dry tons. While animals produce 287 million and less than 270 million is released to land. Humans is treated and animals aren’t.

Bacteria, viruses, hormones, heavy metals, and nutrients are in animal waste.

There are 5 million farm workers who have contact to animals or waste that’s used at fertilizer. There’s no federal oversight and they have no personal federal equipment.

Airborne contamination from product on sites include; gases, organic compounds (poultry houses-60 unique ones and swine production- 330 unique ones), animal dander, and microorganisms.

Issue that shocked me:

As I was watching the video, they stated that we feed our farm animals by-products of slaughtered animals and animal waste. That is completely disturbing, I knew that we didn’t treat our farm animals well, but never in a million years did I imagine that we would feed them a dead animal. We have to eat the meat that was grown from another contaminated animal. Just thinking about it makes my stomach upset. I wonder why we’re feeding our animals this type of junk? Did they run out of edible food? Either way this video has be thinking about being a vegetarian.

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