Introduction to Industrialization of Food Systems

Notes from video:

Soy and corn take over half of our farm production

Industrialization includes: Mechanization, specialization, standardization, technology, inputs, economic of scale, consolidation, concentration

Poultry industry: chickens grew to almost half the weight drop from half the time with the same amount of food. In 2007 the weight has doubled in much less time than 1977.

Exposures to pesticides may led to cancer, nervous system impacts, and death

Resource depletion in topsoil, groundwater, fossil fuel, and mineral fertilizers

Red meat and dairy account for half of the greenhouse emission associated from the US food system

Issue that surprised me:

In the video they had a picture and stated how in 2007 the chicken has obtained more weight in less time than the other ones from 1977. They also stated that all the chickens were eating the same diet. That’s kind of hard to believe maybe they are giving the chickens now a days some kind of supplement that will help them grow faster. For example everything now a days is centered upon being non-gmo. No one in interested in buying anything that is genetically modified, but when we buy our meats a lot of them do not have that label on the packaging so that should wave a caution flag.


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