Meeting Schedule with Client.

Three out of seven of our group members met with Rosemary on Friday August 29th. The remaining are scheduling a meeting with her as soon as possible.


During our meeting we discussed what she was looking for in her volunteers. She said that the organization had plenty of different projects we could do, ranging from working in the children’s garden, working in the classrooms, food drives/donations, 5ks, even kitchen assistants. The meeting lasted for about an hour, during that time we took a tour of the building and filled out our volunteer application. We asked questions like hours of operation, where and when the events are held, is the organization doing well, how to get in contact with her if a problem arises, and who does the program mostly serve. She informed us the that organization s doing very well and she has returning students wanting to volunteer more. She showed us where her office was and told us that if we were to take pictures that we have to approve it with her beforehand. The program mostly serves children, elderly people, and of course the people in that community.

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