Group Formation Phase 1

Team building is referred to as a wide range of activities presented to a group of colleagues designed for improving team performance. It is the time you take to get to know each member of your team whether that be their weaknesses, strong suits, or even just them as individuals. These activities can entail mental or physical activities, group meetings, luncheons, or anything that brings your team closer together. As my team and I worked through our team building exercises I noticed that each of us had various things to bring to the table and that all of us are passionate about our work.

After playing “Fears in a Hat” we discovered that we all had relative fears. We are afraid of failing, drowning, and spiders. We are all scared of failing whether that be in under grad, getting into grad school, in our careers, or even just on a daily basis. The reason why people are afraid of failing is because they don’t want to disappoint the ones cheering them on. Drowning is a fear that a lot of people now a days have and seems to be a growing death rate around Richmond. I tried taking swim lessons as a child, but I got discouraged and never had a desire to try again. So when I get close to water I somewhat freak out especially when I’m not with someone I trust. Lastly, spiders are a big fear for females, they are extremely creepy. I would much rather be around a snake or a bear any day than to be anywhere near a spider.

My team building ideas were going to the village, walking around Carytown, and working out at Cary Street Gym. I chose going to the village because it’s close to campus and has good food. Carytown is like the center of downtown Richmond, there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and scenery. Working out at the gym is a good way to relieve stress along with being good for your health. Everyone has a membership so it’s basically free. We explored campus, ate in the commons and went to Starbucks. Our most eventful activity was exploring campus, we got free samples, talked about our team goals, and had some pretty nice bonding time. At Starbucks, there was a long line and we got a little annoyed so that was probably the most uneventful time.

During our team building activities we got along very well and discovered a lot about each other. We met at various times in and out of the class. Our goals as a group is to succeed in this class and build better group unity. I really enjoyed working on this project with my group and am excited to continue to do the same throughout the semester.

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  • September 19, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Group Formation Assessment
    1. Include group photo and short bios of your other group members. Humorous bios and photos are fine. Food – focused bios – also fun! I LIKE THE GROUP PHOTO. WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF THE NEWSPAPER YOU ARE ALL HOLDING? WHAT ABOUT BIOS?
    2. Play “Fears in a Hat,” and report on group fears in your blog.
    3. After playing “Fears in a Hat,” discuss fears about working in groups. Summarize trends in fears and resulting goal-setting in your blog. Photos are nice. If fears coincide, the group must address how they will handle these issues when they arise in group work. Talking about a problem is always a first step – but students should include what steps they plan to take if talking does not bring about desired change in a group member or group dynamic. Be specific and clear in group goal setting. YOU DIDN’T DISCUSS FEARS ABOUT WORKING IN GROUPS! THUS, SETTING TEAM GOALS DIDN’T HAPPEN. YOU SEEMED TO TALK ABOUT GENERAL “FEARS” AND NOT FEARS ABOUT WORKING IN GROUPS.
    4. Each group member must research and provide 3 team-building exercises that they think the group would enjoy doing. They should list them, including directions, in a short, informal paper. These must be team-building exercises, not simply “ice breakers.” ONE of the three team-building exercises should involve FOOD. The blog should include links to each group member’s team building informal paper. LINK TO OTHER BLOGS?
    5. For EACH exercise the group performs, (one from each group member), each blogger should represent the experience of doing the exercise. Speculate on why some exercises worked better than others for group team building. You may represent all group member’s perspectives in your blog, or only your own. YOU GLOSS OVER THE REPORTING ON THIS WORK.
    6. Groups much choose at least ONE FOOD related team building exercise to complete together. YOU WENT TO STARBUCKS, BUT THAT WASN’T YOUR FOOD TEAM BUILDING BECAUSE YOU LEFT.
    7. The blog should include images and videos of the group team-building work. How you represent the team building work in your blog will vary, and this will give us something to debrief and discuss after the project is complete. MORE IMAGES WOULD HELP MAKE THIS POST MORE COMPELLING.
    8. Discuss your team role based on Belbin’s Team Role Theory powerpoint Which needed role does your group not have? MISSING


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